Photo Restorations

Digital retouching service

Are your precious old family photos quietly deteriorating?

Yes? Time, temperatures, moisture, rough handling and dye degradation will eventually destroy them.

Preserve your history for future generations!

I am a restorer of time-ravaged images. I present you with photos that are as good as the day they were taken.

The finished prints can be commercially printed. Copies can be made for family members and future generations.

I am happy to receive photos for restoration by post or a scanned copy by email. Please discuss scanning first to ensure the best quality of print for working with.

My photo restoration process is non-destructive. Your original images are not altered in any way. Your photo will be copied and restoration created from that. The originals are returned – unchanged. A computer is then used to restore these copies.

An email sample of your repaired photo will be sent to you for your approval, along with my quote.

Why am I well-placed to help you?

Being very experienced in photo retouching, I have professional software for photo restoration, ¬†and am skilled at using it. I am a home-based artisan and therefore directly involved with your images. Historic material really interests me. Being a photographer who is very fussy about photographic results, extra care to detail is guaranteed. No industrial processing is carried out here. I stubbornly work at the images until I’m proud to show you them.

What I can do for your photo:

  • Remove stains and water marks
  • Remove tears and creases
  • Remove tape marks
  • Enhance colours
  • Replace backgrounds
  • Delete or add elements e.g. people to the image
  • Resize the image
  • Crop it to improve the composition.
  • Sharpen the image and improve contrast.


Act now! Save your children’s heritage.